About Us

Founded in 1976, Dynamic Manufacturing Company, Inc. is a full service spring manufacturing company. From prototype to production, our commitment to excellence is evident with our state of the art computer controlled equipment, electronic free length gauges, in-line stress relieving, and our high quality standards including ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System. With our proven record of on time deliveries we're looking forward to serving you in the future!



Compression Springs -  .012"-  .085"  Diameter Wire
Extension Springs-  .012" -  .085"  Diameter Wire
Torsion Springs -   .012" -  .085" Diameter Wire

Fourslide Products, Flat Springs, Stamping, Wire Forms, Secondary, Deburring, Grinding, and Tumbling.


Electronics Electrical Displays Automotive
Printing Office equipment Appliances Switches
Relays Hinges Hardware And many more!

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Blanket orders and kanban releases are accommodated here at Dynamic Manufacturing Company. Parts are run in predetermined quantities, inspected, packed and put on shelves for immediate shipping upon request. This insures just in time delivery for customers requiring their parts be used immediately upon receipt, instead of remaining on their shelf for days prior to use. Overruns on certain jobs allow us to maintain lower prices due to minimizing set-up time. It also enables us to help a customer in need of an unusually speedy delivery due to unforeseen circumstances. The parts are stocked on the shelf with a tag that includes our item number, quantity and date of production to ensure tracking for quality. Raw material is sometimes bought in bulk, tagged and stored for future use to ensure the lowest possible pricing. This will also enable immediate set-up sometimes instead of waiting for delivery.


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